About me

Looking for a manual tester who is in love with new tech and video games?
Having a hard time teaching noobs how to work in a deadline-focus team?
Hope to find someone who has already proven leadership skills?
I am here for you.

Testing experience

Offroad Mechanic Simulator

A non-VR game from Gameformatic S.A. studio. My job was not only to highlight the areas where many bugs may appear in the future, but I also was helping the team to improve GDD with some RL references, and ideas on how to make the game more entertaining for players, and how to make it less monotonous.

Car Detailing Simulator

My first non-VR game; I have been a member of the dev team since the beginning of the development process. Of course, my job here is exploratory and unit tests, but due to some problems (I can’t talk about) I also was helping to improve the GDD of this game, and make sure that the game has an easy beginning (with tutorials) but also exciting mid- and late-game.

Car Mechanic Simulator VR

The first game to test as mid-QA in the Gameformatic S.A. I started working on this game when the project was completed in about 70%. Therefore my role was to perform exploratory tests, to find game-flow bugs, and places for improvements. Right now, this game is in close beta testing, which is going smoothly, and probably we will release the game on steam next month.