Infinite Synthwave

Great, it looks like your bus is right on time! It’s just a 10-minutes journey, perfect time for a quick game. But before you play, let me just quickly introduce you to the best-on-market translator app…


Good, you made it to main menu. Let’s choose a character. Oh, there is a new one! But before you choose them, allow me to tell you about our newest mobile RPG tower defense…


Wow, you can choose a different skin for this character! Cool. Before you change it, how about checking this translator app that I showed you earlier…


Ok, now you managed to tap the play button. Hurray! A new time-limited event appears. Stay tuned, you just have to turn on the game 7 times daily during the next week, get 20000 points, and finish those 10 levels that unlock one by one every 17 hours to get this amazing red cap for your character. What, you don’t want to participate? Well, how about this kettle then? It lights in blue when you turn it on and uses only…


Dang, looks like it’s your stop. GGWP.

Did that ever happen to you?

Because it sure happened to us a lot. That’s we decided to minimize the time that you spend looking at ads and maximize playtime. We’re creating a game in which ads are used only to give you power-ups and are watched when you decide to watch them. 

What is this game?

Infinite Synthwave is a mobile infinite runner. Jump on a bike, gather as much coins as you can, and enjoy your infinite journey in 80s style. 

Platform: Android
Genre: hypercasual, infinite runner
Price: free-to-play, optional in-game purchases
Multi: nope

Screens and gameplay videos coming soon!

Open beta starts at the end of June 2022

Would you like to help us?

We are looking for a sponsor and/or publisher, and we are happy to talk with you!