website redesign

Actively working on this project


I am helping Lisbeth Moseholm with improving her personal website:

My role

UX research
graphic design
information architecture
WordPress front-end development (Elementor, WPBakery, Woocommerce)

Pre-design testing

While navigating through Lisbeth’s website for the first time, I noticed a few potential areas to improve. I organized quick remote call interviews to check my assumptions. Participants shared their screen with me and tried to answer 5 questions:

  1. What is the website about? Why was it built?
  2. When are the nearest classes and how much will you pay for them?
  3. Who gives the classes (who is the instructor)?
  4. What can you buy here besides regular yoga classes?
  5. What is a Retreat?

The questions would change slightly and I was adding some more based on the participants’ behavior. In the end, they also had time to navigate freely through the website and share their thoughts.

Yoga is for everyone so I decided to not set any criteria for the participants. They all happened to be working adults aged 24-31.

I decided to not record the sessions because, as arises from my previous experience, many people get stressed, and they do not behave naturally. I took notes which I then summarized in a detailed document with quantitative and qualitative data.


Below you can see the most important issues and offered solutions.

Tap and zoom

Participants had a lot more comments but let me just show you the changes. Starting with a new sitemap:

Tap and zoom

A sitemap showing the user jouney at Moseholm Yoga website

…and jumping right into creating wireframes which I will show you after Lisbeth approves them 😉

Thank you for reading! How about taking a look at my other project before I will add more to this page? Or at my personal website 👀