About me

Currently, I am doing a master degree in Game Design at IT University of Copenhagen. I hope to finish it around June 2024. Fingers crossed!

I love coming up with solutions because I hate when things do not work.

Thus far, I am most proud of an educational survival game that I designed for the Oculus VR headset. I came up with this idea to help Polish students and technology teachers. During the development process, I took over the game designer role but organized and conducted user research as well. You can read more about it here.

My experience with user testing may not be huge but it’s enough for me to tell: I love it! In addition, I worked in customer service for 6 years, which allows me to handle the testing session with ease and, may I say, fun. Currently, I am helping with improving Moseholm Yoga’s website as a part of my Graphic and Web Design internship. You can check how it is going here, or read a project case study here.

I also enjoy creating an intuitive UI and websites because I was always interested in art, aesthetics, beautiful things in general 🙂 I attended a 2-year architectural drawing course, as well as a 2-year art history course, and I did 3,5 months of graphic internship at Imarit. I also obtained two graphic design certificates. 🎨

Feel free to reach out to me anytime – contact info is below the photo.

Projects case studies

Dawn of Exile

An educational survival game made for the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Infinite Sytnhwave

Hypercasual infinite runner for mobile devices. Jump on a bike in 80s style!

Moseholm Yoga

Redesign of brand’s visual identity with strong focus on improving company’s website.

What can I do for you?

UX Design

The field I was first exploring while working on my engineering thesis – an education survival game for VR. Starting from the desk research of survival genre, through doing CATWOE analysis, conducting IDIs, up to usability testing summed up by a focus group. All the experience I gathered during that time is invaluable now, during my Web Design internship at Moseholm Yoga. Additionally, I am working on improving the website’s information architecture and prototyping the redesigned version in Figma. I cannot wait to test the redesigned website 🙂


Google Analytics certified

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UI Design

My UI experience is mostly gamedev-related. At the moment, I am working actively on Motorwave – an infinite runner in an open beta stage. Besides, I am redesigning Moseholm Yoga’s website: lo- to hi-fi prototype in Figma, and frontend WordPress development as well.

The Internship that I took at Imarit forced me to come out of my graphic comfort zone. As a result, I learned how to simplify my style and understood the basic shapes deeper. Very developmental, I recommend everyone to do it once in a while.

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Graphic Design

Intership at Imarit was my first professional grahic experience. I created a set of digital marketing paintings that you can see below.

At Moseholm Yoga, I work on improving company’s visual identity and occasionally create marketing graphics ad hoc. I prepare printing materials as well as graphics for SoMe channels and company’s website.

Between the 26th of June and the 23rd of July, I am participating in the Graphic Design Industry Training organized by Brainnest. It is a project-based course after which I will obtain a fresh tasty certificate. Fingers crossed!


Professional Diploma
in Graphic Design on a budget

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Game Design

The first game I have ever designed was Dawn of Exile – an educational survival for Oculus VR. My main goal was to create a decent compromise for a workshop as most Polish schools do not offer a place adjusted to learning technology. Balancing between sticking to realism and keeping a fluent game flow was the most challenging and the most fun part. I described all the details here.

Another game that I came up with is Playback: a 2,5D adventure with gameplay based on environmental puzzles. I was inspired by the music video to Bomfunk MC’s song: Freestyler. For now, the game remains in a conceptual stage as we are working heavily on Motorwave.


Enrolled in Msc of Science in Games programme at ITU
(starts in September 2022)

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Web Design

The website you are looking at right now is the first one that I created from scratch 🙂 After I felt confident in this field, I took on an internship at Moseholm Yoga in May 2021. Since then, I redesigned the information architecture, prototyped a new website version in Figma, and I am slowly implementing the changes using WordPress Elementor. I have full-ranged duties: from creating user journeys to editing photos.

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They speak for themselves.

Pencil Portraits

Digital paintings

Imarit Internship

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