About me

I love coming up with solutions because I hate when things do not work.

My experience with user testing may not be huge but it’s enough for me to tell: I love it! In addition, I have been working in customer service for 6 years now, which allows me to handle the testing session with ease and, may I say, fun. I recently started helping with improving the moseholmyoga.com website as a part of my graphic/UX design internship. You can check how it is going here.

My biggest project was an educational survival game made for the Oculus VR headset. I came up with this idea to help polish students and technology teachers. During the development process, I took over the game designer role but organized user researches as well. You can read more about it here.

I also enjoy creating an intuitive UI and websites because I was always interested in art, aesthetics, beautiful things in general 🙂 I attended a 2-year architectural drawing course, as well as a 2-year art history course, and I did 3,5 months of graphic internship at Imarit. You can see some of my drawings below. 🎨

If I caught your attention, reach out to me here, or using my SoMe channels (icons below the photo).

Pencil Portraits

Digital paintings

Imarit Internship

Dawn of Exile assets